Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year...

... and a new look. I know I've changed my layout a few times in the last couple of months, but I was never really happy with it. I finally figured out how to tweak the Blogger templates and use CSS to get the look I wanted, so here we are. A more subtle background, a more subdued colour palette, and fewer ladybugs (it was beginning to look a bit like an infestation).

I'm probably also going to be posting less often from now on. I'll still keep up with memes (Musing Mondays, Teaser Tuesdays, etc.), but only if I feel I can contribute something intelligent. I won't be doing them just for the sake of doing them.

I hope to read more books this year, so that should mean more reviews. I've signed up for two challenges (the 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge and the 2010 Fantasy Reading Challenge), so expect some YA and fantasy reviews in the weeks and months to come. I started reading my first book last night (it was after midnight, so it counts!).

Will 2010 be a good year for lovers of literature? I sure hope so. There are plenty of cool-looking books coming out this year, so it seems promising. And, of course, there are all those previously released books that we never got around to reading that are sure to be just as great (assuming we haven't read too many spoilers already!).


  1. Hoping that 2010 will usher in many good books as well.

    Came over here from Lenore's site when I saw your reference to ladybugs. Thinking you might like the photo I posted today (I found her in my bathroom a few weeks ago).

    Be well!

  2. Love the new look! Happy New Year!

  3. I love the new look and wish you a beautiful Happy New Year!

  4. Ditto on the new look! Have a Happy, Happy 2010!!

  5. Happy New Year to you!!!

    I do have to agree there are a lot of great looking and sounding new books to be coming out here in 2010. I am looking forward to many of them, along with the hundreds of books I have on my list to read.

    Good luck to you in your reading challenges.