Thursday, November 12, 2009

Word verification Balderdash (10)

This fun meme is hosted by Sheila over at One Persons Journey through a world of Books.
This is the weekly meme where anyone who wishes to play along can take those crazy word verifications they have had over the past week and apply a fake definition to them (much like how you play the board game Balderdash).

Here are this week's words:

beangla - noun - the
particularly tough string on a string bean that triggers a person's gag reflex

cogran - verb - to act as a grandmother in conjunction with another woman; cogranning is popular among lesbian couples

crocad - noun - a sporting event that involves dodging intentionally starved crocodiles while balancing a raw chicken on the top of the head; "winning" is a relative term, as even the most nimble competitors often suffer grievous injuries during the race

heiver - verb - to shiver so violently that it makes your whole body heave

jecoma - noun - an edible root, similar to jicama, that acquires a jelly-like texture when boiled

nomologi - noun - the study of lolcats and other creatures that go "nom"


  1. Great words this week. I always like that you put the figure of speech at the begining of the definition.

  2. Great words this week. That is what it is... beangla. I have had that problem. Thanks:)

    If you would like to stop by I just got my words up shortly ago.