Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Thunks (9)

1. Mad Cow disease, Bird Flu, Swine Flu...what barnyard animal will cause the next big outbreak of disease?

Llamas. It's all about llama fever, baby!

2. Sesame Street turns 40 this month. If you were to be on Sesame Street, which character would you want to be in a scene with?

Grover. He's so sweet.

3. We are out shopping for a new laptop. Which one do you pick and why?

A MacBook. They're pretty. And they can't suck any more than the PCs I've had up until now.

4. Have you ever dried a flower in a book (pressing)? If so what was the flower and the name of the book?

Not in a book. But I had a flower press as a kid. I pressed all kinds of plant matter (with varying results).

5. Do you think it's important to study other planets? If so, why or why not?

It's important... but with the current state of our own planet, I think we should be concentrating our efforts here.

6. Have you ever walked out of a movie at the theater? What was the movie, how much was the ticket and why did you walk out?

I've never walked out of a movie.

7. Does the city/town you live in have traffic enforcement cameras? Have you ever gotten a citation/ticket/fine from one? If so, did you pay or fight it?

I don't know. First we didn't have them... then we did... then we didn't... then some of them might have come back... I haven't gotten a ticket in any case.

8. If your neighbor is having a baby would you buy a baby gift for them?

My neighbour? Hah. The only thing I would buy for her would be non-toxic pest control products, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent (so this kid at least has a chance of not being poisoned by her ignorance).

9. How many questions are too many questions?

When there are so many you don't want to answer them anymore?

10. Do you have a handwritten journal you write in everyday?

Not at the moment. I have had one in the past, though.

11. Have you already made plans for 2010?

I don't make plans. Plans just lead to disappointment when I have to cancel them.

12. Thursday Thunks has a huge party for all those who play along each week. Where is the party, how long does it last and does Kimber fall off the roof dropping crayons? If so, what color of crayon does she fall on?

There's a party? Nobody told me. I have no idea where it is. I don't think anybody would fall off the roof dropping crayons, anyway. What would she be doing on a roof with crayons? Vandalizing? *tsk, tsk*

13. We may have "blogger celebrity" questions in the near future. Are you excited?

No... because I don't really know what that means. Are you having questions submitted by celebrity bloggers? Or are you asking questions about blogger celebrities?


  1. Oh no! Not the llamas! ;) They're so cute.

  2. LMAO @ #8..your neighbor sounds delightful ;)

    Happy Thunking!

  3. A flower press? That sounds interesting. I never heard of one, been living in the 17th century. LOL! I'm gonna google it and see what comes up.

  4. I'm a Grover fan myself :)

    Have a great day!

  5. answered that question perfectly. I so hardily agree with your logic.

    My Thunking is done, I hope you can come over for a visit sometime today.

    Click HERE

  6. Grover's wonderful and I think Llama Fever might be kind of fun!

  7. Llama fever? I love it! Juju, they sure look cute til they spit on you! They really do spit!