Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oldie But Goodie - The Folk Keeper

The Folk Keeper
by Franny Billingsley

I must have read this book back when it came out (1999), because it seems like forever since I read it. And yet, this was one of those stories that stayed with me, for one reason or another.

The book is about a young girl named Corinna, who disguises herself as a boy so she can be a Folk Keeper. The Folk Keepers basically ensure that the Folk -- strange creatures that act much like rather fierce gremlins -- stay out of trouble and don't bother humans. Corinna is hired as a Folk Keeper for a large manor. It is there that she finds adventure, romance, and the truth about her own strange heritage.

I really liked the way this one was written. The prose was lovely. And the story -- with its otherworldly creatures and mythologies -- will be right up the alley of readers who are enjoying current fairy-themed books such as Wicked Lovely and Wondrous Strange.


  1. I've awarded you right back love Come pick up your award! http://lafemmereaders.blogspot.com/2009/10/dragons-loyalty-award.html

  2. I did enjoy Wicked Lovely so this looks like a winner for me!

  3. This book sounds very interesting. I am now curious as to her heritage as well. I am adding this one to by ever growing list. Thanks!

  4. Why do I bother visiting other peoples blogs when, as often as not, I come away with at least one book to be added to my 'I Must Read This' list? Seriously though, thanks for that review, it sounds like a wonderful read and what a strange cover - another one to be added to my list.

  5. Interesting. I've never heard of it. Nice choice.