Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's Question of the Day (7)

Monday's Question of the Day is hosted by Eleni at /-LA FEMME READERS-/

Which book did you have high expectations for, but when you read it, it sucked?

My Answer:
Uhh... Breaking Dawn? But perhaps that was my fault; my expectations shouldn't have been so high.

Other than that, I was quite disappointed with two books I've read in the last year or so. My expectations were high because I'd read and liked other books by these authors. The books in question were Dingo by Charles de Lint and The Game by Diana Wynne Jones. I'd recommend most of the other books written by these two authors... but these particular books were just bad, and therefore disappointing. I expected better.


  1. I was so disappointed with The Time Traveler's Wife. Everyone praised it so much, and it turned out to be the worst book I've read all year. :(

  2. I agree, Breaking Dawn was a disappointment :)

  3. Trade wind by M.M. Kaye - I had read her The Far Pavillions years ago and was so looking forward to this, what a disappointment.

  4. For me, Brisingr by Christopher Paololini. (Hope I spelled that right). I loved Eragon and Eldest, but Brisingr felt endless. I could have done without 2/3 of the stuff that happens in that book. Here's hoping he ends the series better...

    Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" and that I stumbled across your blog today. I really enjoyed the posts I read so I hope you don't mind that I'm following you now...

  5. For me it was Fairy Tale (originally Fairy Lust) by Cyn Balag. It had heard such great things about it but just couldn't get into it myself. No chemistry between the two main characters