Monday, October 26, 2009

Musing Mondays (10)

Musing Mondays is hosted by Rebecca at Just One More Page...

Do you take notes while reading – either for your reviews or for yourself? How/where do you make these notes (on the page, post-its, scrap paper, notebooks etc)?

I rarely take notes. It disrupts the flow of my reading. However, if a book is so bad that it's disrupting its own flow, I might take notes (so I can use them for my review). The last time I did this was when I read Blue Moon. There was no flow to the writing, and so many grammatical errors, that making notes about all the problems was probably the only enjoyable part of reading the book.

If it's an awesome book with an engaging story, there's no way I'll be taking notes. I'll be so caught up in what I'm reading that it won't even occur to me to grab a pen and paper.


  1. I take notes. I especially note page numbers of things I'm considering mentioning or quoting.

  2. I take notes. I use them for discussions, which results in numerous notes. But I do write small thoughts out when I am reading a book for a review. And I also not big happenings, then when I am done with the book I write any questions I have down - especially if the book is part of a series so I can remember where I am for the next books.

    I also like to know if the author is answering my questions as I go through the book. If they are not answering the questions then I am a little curious about the writing.

  3. I'm the same way - if a book is really engaging, there's no way I could take notes. I do try to remember the pages numbers of quotes I want to include in blog posts, but if I'm really into a book I sometimes even forget to do that.

  4. I don't take notes either. I agree with you -- it disrupts my reading. I feel like if something made enough of an impact upon me, I will surely recall it when I think about the book, afterwards.