Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Thunks (3)

1. My daughter (aka Demon #1) informed me the other day that her hugs were worth a million dollars. Would you give up hugs - giving and receiving - for the rest of your life, for a million dollars?

Considering it's been years since I actually gave or received a hug, this would not be that big of a sacrifice for me. And I could definitely use the money.

2.Have you ever been bitten by a member of the canine family?

Yes, I've been nipped, but I don't think it was intentional. My finger was between teeth and treat.

3. What is your favorite color of jeans?

Uh... blue?

4. What is something that has changed in public schools that you wish was the norm when you were in school?

I wish there had been Photoshop courses. Back when I was in school, our "computer graphics" course involved drawing straight lines in a CAD program by entering coordinates. (And I know there were better drawing programs out there, because I'd been using PCPaint and Dr. Halo for years.)

5. What is your news source?

The evening news.

6. What sort of people do you think read your blog?

Literate ones.

7. If I told you that I had a headache, you would say..........???

No... I'd probably say, ",,,,,,,,,,"

8. You go to a buffet style restaurant, what is the first food you put on your plate?

Samosas... if they have them.

9. If you were stranded on a desert island.... no, we aren't asking that again. Lets put a twist into this. Would you volunteer to be dropped off on a desert island, to be picked up in a month? And you don't get to bring those 3 items, either.

Sure. At least it would be nice and quiet.

10. When the sun sets, what are you usually doing?

Watching my answer to #5.


  1. LOL, love the answers to the questions! :)

  2. I couldn't give up hugs.

    Cool questions! :)

  3. I love these posts! You managed to make me laugh really hard (to question 7) and crave samosas at the same time.

  4. These are great. I think if I was offered to be dropped on a deserted Island, I would most definitely take it. I would love to relaxe and just watch nature for a month. That would be a wonderful vacation!

    Great answers. I do have one more question... What color are bluejeans to be?