Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thursday Thunks (2)

1. A 90-year-old man's dying wish in South Carolina was to be buried in his car. If you were told tomorrow you have 3 weeks to live, would you have any dying wishes or something special done before you died?

Yes. But I'm used to not getting what I want, so why should my last three weeks be any different? For the sake of keeping the peace and not being a bother, I'd probably just keep quiet.

2. Do you pay for more stuff using a credit/debit card or cold hard cash?

I haven't handled cash in a long, long time. I usually use my debit card for in-store purchases and my credit card for online purchases.

3. What's cuter: a baby lizard or a baby snake?

Uh... neither are very cute. But if I had to choose, I'd go with the baby lizard.

4. You go out to eat by yourself at a restaurant. While waiting for your food do you people-watch & eavesdrop on others' conversations, read a book, use a laptop, or chat with people around you?

Why am I eating by myself? Okay, if I were to subject myself to that, I guess I'd probably be watching other people around me... and wishing I had someone to talk to.

5. If you see someone walking around with toilet paper stuck to their shoe, do you tell them or just laugh?

I can't say that I can recall ever seeing that. I'd probably discreetly tell them, though.

6. You are talking to someone you just met but you can't understand them at all because of their accent. Do you tell them you can't understand them or just smile and nod?

I'd probably just look confused... and nod.

7. Mudfest! Park filled with pools of mud and an obstacle course of mud. Do you go and play in the mud?

That depends. Is this right after my pathetic solitary restaurant meal? If I was with a group of friends, it might be fun. If I was by myself, then no.

8. Have you ever had a headache so bad it affected your vision?

I've had a headache so bad it made me sleep for a whole day. My eyes were closed, so I couldn't see anything. (Does that count?)

9. Would you fit in more with the circus, Hollywood, Broadway, or comedy circuit types?

I don't think I'd fit in with any of those people. But as for who I'd prefer to hang around with... probably the comedy circuit types.


  1. I live on my debit card :) horrible habit.

    Great questions :)

  2. Great Answers. I do have to say I agree with your answer to #1. I try my hardest to have what I want. Ha! That doesn't always work very well. I have to agree what difference would 3 weeks make. Yup.

    I am starting to think no one uses cash anymore. I live on my debit card. Man, if those handy dandy little machines go down I am out of luck. Well, it would save me money... Maybe they should go down more often?

    Great post!

  3. These are fun!

    I actually think it's *good* to live off your debit card. Everytime I take cash out of the machine, I end up spending it faster.