Saturday, September 26, 2009

Share-A-Book Saturday (4)

This is something I found over on Just Another Book Addict =), and I thought I'd do my own. There are so many great books out there that get overlooked (especially if they've been out for a while)!

Every Saturday, you share (recommend) a book, preferably one that you haven't reviewed yet. It's just a way to get other books out into the blogging world. This is NOT a review.

Today I'm going to recommend Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder.

Discovering two thought-provoking philosophical questions in her mailbox, Sophie enrolls in a correspondence course with a mysterious philosopher and begins to receive some equally unusual letters. (Product description from

What can I say about this one that won't give too much away? As the subtitle says, this is a novel about the history of philosophy. While that might sound boring, I certainly didn't find that to be the case. If anything, I got bogged down in the fictional part of the narrative (I ended up reading the last part quite a while after I'd started the book... but I'm glad I came back to it and finished it!). The philosophical bits were pretty fascinating, and I thought they were presented quite well; you don't need a master's degree to understand the concepts. Still, this is not exactly "light reading". If you're like me, you'll need time to put the book down and reflect on each new bit of information as it's presented. But it's still an enjoyable read, and a book I'd recommend to anyone who's interested in philosophical concepts.


  1. The cover looks great and the book sounds good. I have read one book of Plato and really loved the way he thought. Maybe I should try this one. I love good philosophical books.