Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's Question of the Day (3)

Monday's Question of the Day is hosted by Eleni at /-LA FEMME READERS-/

I can't really think of a book question today, so as I was watching MTV, this came to mind, what's your favorite music video right now?

My Answer: Right now, I don't watch music videos. I can't even remember when I last watched one in its entirety.

As a child of the '80s, one of my favourites was (and perhaps always will be) the video for "Take on Me" by a-ha. It was innovative when it was released, and it's still awesome, twenty-five years later.

(Trying to find a decent version on YouTube was harder than you'd think. A bit of the end is cut off, but you get the idea.)


  1. I know this song ..I like it ;] I love 80's music hehe

  2. OMG
    Take on Me was my favorite 80s video too!
    Best video of all time in my book.

    I did watch Taylor Swift's "You Belong To Me" video this morning and I loved it.

  3. I miss the old grand videos of the 80s and 90s.
    They always told such amazing stories.

  4. The video for Take On Me is awesome! It totally gives me nostalgia for the days when I read those magazines with serialized photo-stories.

  5. OMZ! That is sooo weird, I've had this song stuck in myhead all day! =^O

  6. Oh yes, I remember this video. This was the same time I was into the music videos too. I don't watch them anymore. I think it was the age I was at, at the time because there were so many that I loved at the time.

    The race cars in this one reminds me of Speed Racer. LOL!! I loved it. Great stroll down memory lane as well.

  7. This song will forever remind me of a scene in Psych. If you haven't seen the show it's about a fake psychic detective...long story short there's a singing competition and Take On Me is butchered.

  8. Loved that video! Gee, the last music video I remember MTV and VH1 still show them even? With all the shows on there, I think they've strayed away from their original roots.....

  9. Ahh, I remember this video. I like this song. I was listening to "Bizarre Love Triange" and "Blue Monday" by New Order, today. AND Tears for Fears. "Shout, shout, let it all out.." "Everybody wants to rule the world.." "I'm head over hee-ee-eels." They're great : )
    Thanks for a fun post.