Friday, October 1, 2010


Here's my new toy!  For a week or so, I've been struggling to read a 400-page e-book on my computer screen -- not an easy task, let me tell you... even with an LCD monitor as opposed to a CRT one, it's still hard on the eyes.  The Kobo eReader is about to come out with the second-generation model, which means that the current model was discounted.  Since the main difference is that the new model has WiFi connectivity -- and I'm not about to go traipsing around the neighbourhood to find a hotspot every time I want a book -- I thought I'd take the plunge and get myself one of the "old" models.

After I read a book or two on this device, I think I'm going to give it a proper review.  I'm curious to see how I like reading e-books (as opposed to paper books).  I did try the Kobo in the store a little bit, but I haven't gotten to look at all the bells and whistles yet.


  1. I have a Kobo, Had it since July :)
    Im glad I bought it as I read and review alot of Ebooks also.
    Im an old follower

  2. Congrats on the new toy! :D

    Can I ask what prompted you to buy the Kobo as opposed to other e-readers? Price, convenience, just liked it better? I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to buy an e-reader (I'm a heavy library user, so e-Media is really awesome and convenient for me) but I'm torn between a Nook, an EZreader, and some other one I don't really remember. I haven't looked into it extensively cause they're expeeeensive. =s

  3. I look forward to you review on it. I love my kindle so far as although there are limitations but the instant download is great.