Saturday, October 9, 2010

In My Mailbox (22)

by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

Joey Harker isn't a hero.

In fact, he's the kind of guy who gets lost in his own house.

But then one day, Joey gets really lost.  He walks straight out of his world and into another dimension.

Joey's walk between the worlds makes him prey to two terrible forces — armies of magic and science who will do anything to harness his power to travel between dimensions.

When he sees the evil those forces are capable of, Joey makes the only possible choice: to join an army of his own, an army of versions of himself from different dimensions who all share his amazing power and who are all determined to fight to save the worlds.

Master storyteller Neil Gaiman and Emmy Award-winning science-fiction writer Michael Reaves team up to create a dazzling tale of magic, science, honor, and the destiny of one very special boy — and all the others like him.

From NetGalley:
Alchemy and Meggy Swann
by Karen Cushman

Fans of Karen Cushman's witty, satisfying novels will welcome Meggy Swann, newly come to London with her only friend, a goose named Louise.  Meggy's mother was glad to be rid of her; her father, who sent for her, doesn't want her after all.  Meggy is appalled by London, dirty and noisy, full of rogues and thieves, and difficult to get around in — not that getting around is ever easy for someone  who walks with the help of two sticks.  Just as her alchemist father pursues his Great Work of transforming base metal into gold, Meggy finds herself pursuing her own transformation.  Earthy and colorful, Elizabethan London has its dark side, but it also has gifts in store for Meggy Swann.

Draw the Dark
by Ilsa J. Bick

There are things in Winter, Wisconsin, folks just don't talk about.  The murder way back in '45 is one.  The near-suicide of a first-grade teacher is another.  And then there is 17-year old Christian Cage.  Christian's parents disappeared when he was a little boy, and ever since he's drawn and painted obsessively, trying desperately to remember his mother.  The problem is Christian doesn't just draw his own memories.  He can draw the thoughts of those around him.  Confronted with fears and nightmares they'd rather avoid, people have a bad habit of dying.  So it's no surprise that Christian isn't exactly popular.  What no one expects is for Christian to meet Winter's last surviving Jew and uncover one more thing best forgotten the day the Nazis came to town.

Based on a little-known fact of the United States' involvement in World War II, Draw the Dark is a dark fantasy about reclaiming the forgotten past and the redeeming power of love.

by Jackie Morse Kessler

"Thou art the Black Rider. Go thee out unto the world."

Lisabeth Lewis has a black steed, a set of scales, and a new job: she’s been appointed Famine.  How will an anorexic seventeen-year-old girl from the suburbs fare as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Traveling the world on her steed gives Lisa freedom from her troubles at home — her constant battle with hunger, and her struggle to hide it from the people who care about her.  But being Famine forces her to go places where hunger is a painful part of everyday life, and to face the horrifying effects of her phenomenal power.  Can Lisa find a way to harness that power — and the courage to fight her own inner demons?

A wildly original approach to the issue of eating disorders, Hunger is about the struggle to find balance in a world of extremes, and uses fantastic tropes to explore a difficult topic that touches the lives of many teens.

I got my first books from NetGalley!  I can't wait to get reading!

What was in your "mailbox" this week?

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  1. Great reading! I liked Hunger and hope you do too. My IMMB is here My Readathon wrap up is here
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a beautiful website! Seriously BEAUTIFUL! Going to sign on as follower just for the layout and of course the reviews!

    Nice mailbox girl!

    I have a small Mailbox but come on over to Aisle B if you get a chance.

  3. Awesome haul this week! :) I got Hunger from Netgalley, also! I want to read it so much <3 As soon as my review pile fizzles out, that's the first one I'll go to (after Tyger, Tyger seeing as I opened that one already :()

    Happy reading this week! :)

  4. I loooove Karen Cushman so I am super excited about Alchemy and Meggy Swann. Thanks for sharing about your books. :)