Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's Question of the Day (21)

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Despite numerous complaints, why do authors continually create YA heroines who fall for the jerk hero?  (Credit goes to: Tori from Book Faery)

My Answer:
That's a really good question.  Personally, I can't stand heroines who fall for the jerk.  I feel like slapping some of them (*cough*BellaSwan*cough*).  Maybe YA heroines are written that way because so many teenagers have fallen for jerks.  I really don't know; that wasn't my experience.  Jerkiness was a big turn-off for me.

Perhaps there's a touch of Schadenfreude in there, too.  Sometimes it's sort of fun to watch the heroine crash and burn because of her taste in men.  But why this is so popular that it pervades most of YA fiction... I really couldn't say for sure.

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  1. I really have to say that this annoys the heck out of me too. BUT --- it is a formula that "works", so I guess that is why they stick to it.

    BrandiHeather @ A Writer's Review