Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Thunks (13)

1. Isn't showing a condom commercial during Sex Rehab With Dr Drew almost like showing a pain narcotic or an alcohol commercial during Intervention?

Is it? Are sex addicts addicted to condoms?

2. Burger King and Ronald McDonald met Colonel Sanders in a dark alley. They beat him down for just serving chicken and not sharing his "11 herbs & spices". The Colonel goes down. Begs for his life. Where do they go to eat afterwards?

Taco Bell, of course. It's neutral territory.

3. You take a shower, go to leave the bathroom and the door is stuck. Due to humidity and moisture it won't budge. It will not open. No one else is home. You can't go out the window. How long do you sit in the bathroom and how do you occupy your time?

I guess it would be a few hours until someone came home. Maybe that would be a good opportunity to clean the bathroom. I mean, really clean it and get the dust bunnies out from behind the toilet.

4. You are a rockstar, but you need a cool rocker name. What is it and how did you decide on that name?

Princess Consuela Bananahammock! Oh, wait... that's already taken.

5. Have you ever gotten naked at a family function?

Maybe when I was a baby and someone was changing my diaper.

6. If purple ate yellow, what color would come out?

Brown, of course. Isn't that what colour usually "comes out"?

7. The closest paper and pen to you right now. What color are they?

Paper: white. Pen: the nearest pen is one of a whole bunch in a cup.

8. Corn chips or potato chips?

If I've got salsa, corn chips. If I don't have any sort of dip, potato chips.

9. You are forced to swallow either a diamond or a piece of coal. Don't ask. Just do it. Which do you choose?

The coal. At least I wouldn't need to dig through my scat to recover it.

10. If your mouse decided to attack your keyboard, who would win?

Probably the keyboard, but indirectly. The keyboard is most likely harbouring pathogens between its keys, any number of which are fatal to mice (the pathogens... not the keys). So it would be a long, lingering death for the poor critter.


  1. A big glass of water would be recommended after having swallowed a piece of coal. Blah, just reading it makes my throat dry !