Monday, August 10, 2009

Please Pass The Lemonade...

I got my first award today! It was the Lemonade Award from Kate (thanks, Kate!) at The Neverending Shelf.

The Lemonade Award is a feel good award that shows great attitude or gratitude. Here are the rules for accepting this award:

Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog or post.
Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.

Wow... 10 blogs! Well, that shouldn't be too hard. I've found so many great ones out there. Here goes:
  1. Khy at Frenetic Reader
  2. Paradox at Paradoxical
  3. Lenore at Presenting Lenore
  4. Kelsey at Reading Keeps You Sane
  5. Alea at Pop Culture Junkie
  6. Casey at A Passion For Books
  7. Sara at The Hiding Spot
  8. Prophecygirl at Wondrous Reads
  9. at Tales of whimsy...
  10. Steph Su at Steph Su Reads


  1. THANKS! This is my first award! So exciting!

  2. I just found that you left a comment about this award for me! I don't know how I missed it!

    Thank you so much - so it took me so long to say so! :)