Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday's Question of the Day (1)

Monday's Question of the Day is hosted by Eleni at /-LA FEMME READERS-/

Question: What book are you reading right now and what's your favorite part so far?

My Answer: I'm still reading Pride and Prejudice. I'm not sure if I have a favourite part (plotwise), but I am enjoying it. I've seen numerous movie versions, so part of the fun for me is seeing what the filmmakers did and didn't include.


  1. Cool! I read this book and watched the movie so it's interesting to see the differences :P

  2. And now for something completely different...I gave you an award! Come stop by my blog, Strange & Random Happenstance to get it!

  3. I'm in between books and thus feel lost.

    I'm hoping my latest library book (The Hunger Games) will be waiting for me at home (my library delivers).