Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Makeover!

I was tired of the old grey, black, and red theme. When I first made it, I thought it was kind of elegant. But after a while, I started to feel it was a little dark... and depressing. And I was afraid it might suggest that the only books I ever read are emo vampire novels...

I tried a few times to pretty up this blog, but I never really got anywhere. I was even starting to regret choosing a name with "ladybug" in it, because it felt like it was limiting the design possibilities. But all I really needed was some inspiration... and some pretty pictures to work with. So I found some graphics that I liked and made myself a new layout. (The credits can all be found on my About page.)

I feel like this represents me better; I'm really not a black-and-grey sort of person. Plus, I had a lot of fun making it. Collage (even digital collage) can keep a person occupied for hours...

How do you like the new look?


  1. It's AWESOME! Really beautiful, you've done a great job! I love the tags. :)

  2. It's beautiful, I absolutely love it! You did a fantastic job.

  3. I thought your last design was really good but this one is even better. I think you have an eye for this ;)

  4. I read your 'About Me' page. Whoa, cool designing! I like it :D

  5. The makeover? LOVE IT! Your other color choice.layout was nice, but this one is abit warmer. ^_^