Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update to the 2011 E-Book Reading Challenge!

Don't worry... it's nothing major.  But for those who were lamenting that reading 20 e-books wasn't much of a challenge, you're in luck!  I've created three new categories for those who really love their e-readers:

-- Possessed – Read 50 e-books.

-- Fanatical – Read
75 e-books.

-- Monomaniacal – Read
100 e-books.

All seven categories (including the three new ones) are now listed on the main sign-up page.


  1. Woahhh, will be my reaction if anybody reads 100 e-books. I'll be lucky to get to 15!

  2. 20 is very easy for me but my goal is read 50 books a year, I read 57 in 2010 and more than half were on my kindle.

    Maybe next year I will go for the 50 category :-)

  3. Thanks! I'm probably going to have to hit more than 20 here, to justify my blog title :D
    Should I re-do my link to the blog? It currently points to my main site, where I have this challenge up top on the bar.

  4. I want to be possessed but that's a lot of books but I'll try! :)

  5. Very cool! I'm going to upgrade my challenge!

  6. @ Deepali

    The link should be fine. Just update what level you're going for on your page. No big deal. :)

  7. YES!! Thank you!!
    I read about 80% of my books in ebook! And I on average read about 200 a year!! Thank you!

  8. Ok, I'm going for 100! I actually already put that up as my goal on my blog.... http://gracekrispy.blogspot.com