Sunday, November 21, 2010

In My Mailbox (27)

The Spiral Draw Book
by Doug Stillinger

A fresh, new spin on a classic drawing activity!  Our specially engineered drawing wheels make it remarkably easy for kids to create the perfect spiral designs right on the pages of the book.  Colour-changing gel pens add depth to the patterns, giving them a nifty 3-D look.  Packed with tons of drawing ideas and super-swirly craft projects.  Spiral Draw spins a retro cool classic into an imaginative new orbit.

From NetGalley:
Here Lies Bridget
by Paige Harbison

What do you do when the five people you meet in limbo all want you to go to hell?

Bridget Duke is the uncontested ruler of her school. The meanest girl with the biggest secret insecurities. And when new girl Anna Judge arrives, things start to fall apart for Bridget: friends don’t worship as attentively, teachers don’t fall for her wide-eyed “who me?” look, expulsion looms ahead and the one boy she’s always loved — Liam Ward — can barely even look at her anymore.

When a desperate Bridget drives too fast and crashes her car, she ends up in limbo, facing everyone she’s wronged and walking a few uncomfortable miles in their shoes. Now she has only one chance to make a last impression. Though she might end up dead, she has one last shot at redemption and the chance to right the wrongs she’s inflicted on the people who mean the most to her.

And Bridget’s about to learn that, sometimes, saying you’re sorry just isn’t enough....

I haven't really reviewed any activity-type books yet. I saw The Spiral Draw Book (it's one of those cool Klutz titles) and just had to get it.  I'll be reviewing it as soon as I get around to actually trying it out.  As for Here Lies Bridget... well, I thought it looked like an interesting story.  I haven't read anything published by Harlequin yet; this will be my first!

What was in your "mailbox" this week?

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  1. I'm interested to read your review for Here Lies Bridget. It's on my wishlist. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I just received Here Lies Bridget too! Can't wait to hear what you think!

  3. Hey! I just stumbled onto your amazing blog, and I'm definitely following for more reviews. What an awesome mailbox, btw!
    Anyway, I love your posts, and your awesome blog layout!

    Happy reading,
    Tina @ Book Couture