Friday, November 26, 2010

Apparently, she's everybody's favourite!

Blogger Stats can provide some interesting information, like the fact that I've had 128 pageviews from Russia in the past month.  Spasibo!

What's really interesting, though, is the post that comes out on top nearly all the time.  It's one of my Favorite Fictional Character meme posts.  The character in question is Ramona Quimby.  I had no idea she was such a popular Google search.  Go figure!

Did you read the Ramona books as a child (or as an adult)?  If so, which were your favourite Ramona-related incidents?  Some of my favourites include the heart-shaped haircut, the egg incident, the time she wore her pajamas to school, and the fall through her friend's ceiling.

What about you?


  1. That is funny! I don't remember any Ramona incidents because it's been so long but I did LOVE the Ramona books! I'm looking forward to watching the new Ramona movie as well :)

  2. I *loved* the Ramona series when I was younger, and featured it for one of my Forget-Me-Nots posts back in October. My favorite was always Ramona the Pest - I loved all the trouble she got into. Pulling Susan's curls, chasing Davy around the schoolyard, and her creative alphabet learning :D

    Also I liked the wedding scene (there was some kind of mix-up with the rings if I remember right, and Ramona complained about her too-small dress shoes?) but I don't remember which book that was in.

    Anyway yay for Ramona! I admired her gutsy, spunky personality :)

  3. Hello there, you have an award waiting for you here! =]