Friday, July 9, 2010

Top Ten Picks: Summer Edition

Top Ten Picks is hosted by Jillian at Random Ramblings. This week, the topic is "Top 10 Must-Haves for the Summer".

10. Water

Doesn't matter if you want to drink it, swim in it, or have a cool shower in it; water is a definite must-have for summer!

9. Air-conditioning (car)

There's nothing worse than being in a car without air conditioning when it's blisteringly hot out. Open windows suck (and they make a mess of your hair).

8. Fans

We've got three fans going in the house (no air-conditioners!). They're not the best for keeping the heat at bay, but they're cheaper than the alternatives.

7. A big floppy hat

I burn rather than tan (I blame my redheaded Scottish and Irish ancestors for that!), so a hat with a wide brim is a must if I'm going to be spending any time outside.

6. Big sunglasses

My eyes are sensitive to light... ridiculously so when I'm walking on concrete (the stuff reflects like crazy). I'm glad big sunglasses are back in style; the little ones are rather useless for keeping the sun out of your eyes.

5. Comfortable sandals

Who wants to wear socks during the summer? I like to let my toes breathe. Comfort is a must, though; I can't stand uncomfortable footwear.

4. Fresh fruit

Here in Canada, the variety of fruit in the grocery stores is pretty limited through the winter months. So when summer comes around, I like to take advantage of all the lovely fresh fruit. (It's also fun to go berry-picking. Blackberries grow all over the place, so you can have a snack when you're just out for a stroll!)

3. A good book

This is sort of a given. But it's not exclusive to summer. Good books are a necessity all throughout the year!

2. A camera

There are so many lovely things to take pictures of during the summer months. Flowers, bugs, clouds, animals... Everything comes alive during the summer.

1. Something fun to do

I find it hard to come up with fun activities to do in the summer. Especially when the heat knocks me flat on my back and I can't do much more than loll around the house. But to stave off boredom, something fun to do is a definite necessity during the summer!


  1. Sexy fan!

    Where do you live that you can survive with out AC?
    I live in Florida and would positively die.

  2. I'm in British Columbia, Canada. Contrary to popular belief, Canada can get uncomfortably hot. :)

  3. Oh wow, an air conditioned car is definitely a must-have!