Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday's Question of the Day (17)

Monday's Question of the Day is hosted by Eleni at /-LA FEMME READERS-/

When a book is made into a movie or TV show, do you read the book before watching it? Or it doesn't matter either way?

My Answer:
I'm not a particularly fast reader, so I don't usually get to the book before watching the movie or TV show. If I've previously read the book, though, I will get excited about seeing it on the screen.

So... I guess it really doesn't matter. Screen adaptations are rarely 100% faithful to the books, anyway, so it's not like you can't read the book after seeing the movie/TV show and still enjoy it.


  1. i definitely prefer to watch the movie/show before reading the book. that way i can enjoy the movie/show for what it's worth and be impressed by all the extras in the book. if i read the book first, my mind can't help but notice liberties taken on film and it can be distracting.

  2. i try to read the book first, but it doesn't always happen that way.

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