Saturday, January 17, 2015

New to the TBR Pile (14)

Borrowed from NetGalley:
Watch the Sky
by Kirsten Hubbard

The signs are everywhere, Jory’s stepfather, Caleb, says. Red leaves in the springtime. Pages torn from a library book. All the fish in an aquarium facing the same way. A cracked egg with twin yolks. Everywhere and anywhere. And because of them, Jory’s life is far from ordinary. He must follow a very specific set of rules: don’t trust anyone outside the family, have your work boots at the ready just in case, and always, always watch out for the signs. The end is coming, and they must be prepared.

School is Jory’s only escape from Caleb’s tight grasp. With the help of new friends, he begins to explore a world beyond his family’s farm. Then Caleb notifies the family that the time has come for final preparations: digging in their backyard canyon at night. Every night.

As the hole gets deeper, so does Jory’s doubt about whether Caleb’s prophecy is true. When the real reason for their digging becomes clear, Jory must choose between living his own life or following behind Caleb, shutting his eyes to the bright world he’s just begun to see.

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  1. Ooh Watch The Sky has such a lovely cover! I do hope you enjoy reading it, lovely!

    1. I know! Such a nice cover. I'll be reading this once I get the next couple of busy weeks out of the way.

  2. This sounds fabulous and I hadn't heard of it yet! YAY NEW BOOKS TO LOOK UP. I'm reading Grimm's Grimmest right now. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I'll have to look up Grimm's Grimmest; I've never heard of it!