Friday, February 26, 2010

Word verification Balderdash (24)

This fun meme was started by Sheila over at One Persons Journey through a world of Books, and is now hosted by Ryan G of Wordsmithonia.
This is the weekly meme where anyone who wishes to play along can take those crazy word verifications they have had over the past week and apply a fake definition to them (much like how you play the board game Balderdash).

Here are this week's words:

barybro - noun - a slang term, used mostly by medical professionals, that refers to an obese male sibling

coshid - noun - a type of insect that was named after its distinctive nocturnal call of "coshhhh"; coshids are pale peach in colour, have a segmented exoskeleton, and are about two inches long, an appearance which leads them to be mistaken for severed human pinky fingers

gradnest - noun - a cocoon of dirty clothes, food-encrusted plates, and university course catalogs that is assembled (usually in a bedroom) by a recent high-school graduate

oppeg - noun - an opportunity to pass the blame to another person

tortingl - noun - the characteristic high-pitched squeal given off by some pastries when they are cooked at a high temperature

unguhho - noun - a type of throat phlegm that is produced by eating a certain food (rather than by illness); in some people, food allergies can make unguhho quite copious and problematic

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  1. Great words as usual! I hope I don't come across any coshids. lol. Enjoyed them as usual!