Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kobo Coupons!

I've got some coupons for those of you who use!  Maybe you want to fill up your TBR pile.  Maybe you need some more books for the E-Book Reading Challenge.  Here are a couple of deals you can take advantage of.

The first is for $1 off a Kobo e-book.  It's good until April 30, and you can use it as many times as you'd like.  Considering that there a lot of really inexpensive books on the site (including many classics), you can easily fill up your library without breaking the bank:

Get $1 Off select Kobo eBooks - KoboSpring1

The second is for 30% off a Kobo e-book.  It's only good until April 4th, but it can also be used as many times as you'd like up until then:

30% off select eBooks - MarchKobo30

Enjoy these deals while they last!

Kobo WiFi eReader


  1. Thanks for sharing! I hadn't received those coupons yet!

  2. I already stocked up (as if I needed anymore books - LOL). Great sales at Kobo!