Saturday, July 11, 2015

New to the TBR Pile (33)

Borrowed from the library:
The Here and Now
by Ann Brashares

An unforgettable epic romantic thriller about a girl from the future who might be able to save the world... if she lets go of the one thing she’s found to hold on to.

Follow the rules. Remember what happened. Never fall in love.

This is the story of seventeen-year-old Prenna James, who immigrated to New York when she was twelve. Except Prenna didn’t come from a different country. She came from a different time—a future where a mosquito-borne illness has mutated into a pandemic, killing millions and leaving the world in ruins.

Prenna and the others who escaped to the present day must follow a strict set of rules: never reveal where they’re from, never interfere with history, and never, ever be intimate with anyone outside their community. Prenna does as she’s told, believing she can help prevent the plague that will one day ravage the earth.

But everything changes when Prenna falls for Ethan Jarves.

Freebie from
Streetlights Like Fireworks
by David Pandolfe

Psychic flashes, haunting visions, missing persons and visits from ghosts. That’s just their first date.

Jack has been getting on his parents’ nerves for some time. Bad enough he’s a rock musician, has crappy grades and hangs out with his “loser” friends. But Jack’s ability to predict the future — well, that just annoys the hell out of them.

Jack’s classmate, Lauren, is said to have unique abilities too. The town still talks about when she kept badgering her mother about the money in their wall. For the longest time, Lauren’s mother didn’t listen. Finally, she did and she hasn’t had to work since.

Jack would really like to connect with Lauren but can’t figure out how. She’s never looked at him twice. But when he experiences a mystifying event involving visions, voices and spectral visits, Jack figures there’s only one person to help him understand who’s calling out to him and why. Before long, Jack and Lauren are off on a road trip of discovery that could provide answers to a mystery left unsolved for twenty years. More importantly, they might even unravel the greatest mystery of all — how every so often someone will accept you for who you are.

What's new to your TBR pile this week?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Curious to see your thoughts on The Here and now! i wasn't a fan of it personally so hopefully you'll enjoy it more than i did!

    1. I'm reading it at the moment, and I'm just... not sure. I mean, the writing is okay and I sort of get what the story is supposed to be about, but it just seems weak... and I can't really put my finger on why.

  2. The Darkest Part of the Forest, Archivist Wasp and Magonia are the few from my TBR pile :)

    1. I haven't heard of Archivist Wasp! I think I've got Magonia on my wish list, though.

  3. I've seen The Here and Now around a bit and gahhhh, so many negative reviews. I AM SCARED. Be the guinea pig for me and tell me if it's good. ;-)

    1. Yeah... I noticed that on Goodreads after I'd already downloaded the book from the library. So far, I can see why. It's not that it's a terrible book. It's just... meh. (And after being super impressed with My Name Is Memory, I'm kind of confused as to why this one is so weak!)

      At least it's short!

  4. I've only read the first few Sisterhood books by Anne Brashares, so I hope you like this one. :)


    1. I haven't read any of the Traveling Pants books! I know, I know... I should. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to it (my TBR pile is just so big already).