Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Recap - August 17-23, 2014

Here's what I blogged about over the last seven days:

Sunday - I shared what I got In My Mailbox.  I got way too many books this week...

Tuesday - I participated in the Top Ten Tuesday meme.  This week we talked about the top ten books people have been telling us we must read.

Friday - I didn't actually blog it, per se, but I did remove the four non-fiction reviews I had on this site.  Now it's 100% fiction, from children's picture books all the way to adult novels.  I changed any relevant links to point to Goodreads, which is where those reviews are now.  (In case you're curious, those books are: Memories of the Afterlife, Messages from Michael, The Power, and The Spiral Draw Book.)  I still read non-fiction from time to time; if I review those books, it'll be done on Goodreads.

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