Saturday, March 17, 2012

This is not acceptable, Google!

I noticed this morning that my blog is now at instead of at  What this will do to any links that are out on the Internet is anyone's guess...

But my bigger problem is that the Quick Edit pencil icon is gone.  The settings say it should show up, but it doesn't... which means that I can't edit any of my old posts (like my Reviews page) without searching through 2 and a half years of postings to find the right one.

This is not a unique problem.  Other users have had this happen with the switchover to country-specific URLs.

Message to Google, Blogger, Facebook, and any of these other tech companies who keep giving people what they don't want: knock it off!  It's not enough that Facebook messed everything up with the chaotic Timeline feature, or that Google now requires more steps for me to even access my blog... but now Blogger has broken my blog?!

Sometimes, the things that already exist are good enough.  You know what they say: If it ain't broke...


  1. I totally agree with if it ain't broken don't (try) to fix it. Tech updates are torture to go through.

    Good luck on figuring it out.

  2. Web censorship! Google has brought in country specific domains so that, at a governments request, they can black out bloggers from an entire region or nation. Get angry and complain as the web gets more Orwellian.

    But don't worry about your blog. The URL addresses will probably redirect. Probably. The widgets should be back soon.

  3. I noticed the quick edit button was missing and I thought it was rather annoying too.
    As for the URL's I think they all sort of come together because every single blog I visit has stuck to the end because of where I am which I found a little odd.

  4. Aww no I'm sorry! Stupid Google! They've seriously been gaining so many enemies lately! For me it says that you're still at
    YES they need to hear that 'If it ain't broke' phrase, really!

  5. It's not something to worry about. I still see your blog as the .com address and your links will continue to work. Google just redirects user to a different top level domain depending on their country of origin. It's just part of the process they are doing in order to comply with each country's censorship laws.

    More info at:

  6. Hmph. As more and more features that I like and use go away in Blogger, and it gets harder instead of easier to use, the more tempted I am to switch to Wordpress--I just wish it didn't mean more money and time!

  7. I wondered why the pencil had gone. It is very irritating.
    Mine has changed to and I hadn't noticed until now.
    They should have warned us. I ordered some cards printed with my blog address on and it looks silly if it says .com, when it re-directs you to uk. Makes me look like I don't know what I'm doing!
    Stupid google!