Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Format for DNF Reviews

I seem to be having quite a few DNF (did not finish) experiences lately.  In the past, I've reviewed such books as I have all the others, grading them based on what I actually managed to read.  I'm now thinking that that's not really fair... and yet I still want to share my thoughts about these books.

So, from now on, DNFs will not receive numerical ladybug ratings.  However, I will be explaining why the book was a DNF for me and each title will still appear on the review pages.


  1. Great idea! I stopped rating my reviews completely because I felt like each book had different reasons being rate a 3, 4, 5 etc and it was hard to compare books that were not alike. And very hard to rate a DNF - especially if I had a DNF due to me just not being in the right mood that type of book (I've had a lot where I just couldn't get into them because I wasn't in a good frame of mind).


  2. I think that's reasonable. I do the same thing - no numbered ranking on DNF books. I still share my thoughts, and why I couldn't finish. I saw some of yours and love how you do the bullet points for the list of why you didn't finish. Great idea!

  3. I like your new format. Especially your point form summary of why you didn't finish.

    I stopped rating DNF and just labelled as such too. Makes more sense to me.